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Laundromat self service washer dryer

You’re living or passing through Fano? You do not have a washing machine and there is nobody to ask «hospitality» for laundry (not even mom)? Or do you have any bulky clothing and blankets but don’t want to serve you in the dry cleaners near home? There is a solution. Just contact a self-service laundry, in less than an hour everything you had to wash and lay out in the Sun, maybeseveral times, is washed, dried and scented to perfection, even on a Sunday night. The laundromat is not new, yet never before this season i Fanesi, andfoster use it with such ease and regularity, armed with trolley for transport andof books and newspapers in order to deceive the waiting. Is the tendency ofmany European capitals: in Paris it seems that 75 per cent of the inhabitantsspend at least half an hour a week in coin laundries. Surely there is that the laundries  first responders ‘ are increasingly sought after. By the time the scenery is rapidly evolving, Fano between franchised chains (Ondablu or Washand Dry) and individual initiatives there is an embarrassment of choice. The important thing is to identify what the nearest self-service laundry at home andalways remember that, along with the clothes to wash, it takes on average 6euro coin (10 kg of laundry to wash and dry) and a mobile phone: If you have difficulty, in fact, you won’t find responsible for interrogation on the spot, but a phone number to call for guidance from a distance. Even in mid-August.

Laundromat self service washer dryer cheap professional quality

Looking for a laundromat? Cheap professional quality for professional self-service laundry “Le Palme” di Fano (PU).
Self-service laundry “Le Palme” is the most frequented by tourists Fahmy for the quality of washing machines, washing and drying function, the chips at low prices and excellent quality of detergents.
The laundry room “Le Palme” di Fano (PU) has agreements for all owners of campers who are on vacation in Fano, with even more discounted laundromat.
The laundry is located in Fano (PU) 61032, in Piazzale San Paolo 10, Vallato district.


Come raggiungerci

Raggiungerci è semplicissimo, ci troviamo vicino all'ingresso della superstrada Fano-Grosseto, nel quartiere Vallato a fianco del campo di aviazione dietro al Conad
La Lavanderia self “Lavasciuga Le Palme” offre a tutti i clienti un servizio professionale lavando ed asciugando ogni tipo di capo dal cotone al cashmere. I macchinari sono altamente professionali e utilizziamo solo detersivi, ammorbidenti e disinfettanti a presidio medico di prima qualità, inoltre la nostra struttura è stata attrezzata per l'accesso alle persone disabili.